What is Mobile Document Capture (MDC)?

Mobile Document Capture enables mobile workers that are travelling or work in the field services for their companies to scan documents remotely via MDC solutions (Mobile Document scanners and capture software).

Why and how Mobile Document Capture can help?

Mobile Document Capture solutions help companies to speed-up processing of mobile remote information, reducing costs, increasing customer service, compliance and the overall productivity of the mobile workforce.

Integration into your enterprise capture structure

MDC can also be simply integrated into the overall enterprise capture infrastructure and become the logical extension of distributed capture to the outside of the company.

The importance of suitable mobile document scanners

It is important to choose the right mobile document scanners which are small, portable equipped with USB, full featured document scanners including automatic document feeder (ADF) and duplex scanning, that ultimately allow mobile workers to easily use the latest capture technology without entry barriers. Contact us to find the right model for your needs.

Discover Canon P-215II   

Canon Solutions for Mobile Capture

Spigraph together with its partner Canon can offer you a wide range of Mobile Capture Solutions for different industries.

Key fact about all solutions:

  • Offer easy deployment & user-friendly operation
  • Superior image quality & duplex batch scanning
  • Out of the box solutions – no entry barriers

Partner Use Case: Tconsult Logistic Solutions

Tconsult is the independent specialist in Smart Logistics Solutions. The company Tconsult is specialized in framing, retaining and optimizing your logistical processes and administration. Tconsult makes sure that logistical information is more accessible and that the information-flow is simplified as well as faster.

To achieve this, Tconsult has developed solutions that deliver direct efficiency in time-management and cost savings:

  • Print Panther: This app creates the possibility to easily print in directly in the truck.
  • Scangaroo: This app creates the possibility to easily scan every document at hand.
  • RTI Solution: This cloud based solution makes sure that scanned documents are directly converted to CSV and/or XML messages so that the (logistical) administration can be updated ‘realtime’.

At Tconsult the focus is on collaboration, collaboration with partners, collaboration with resellers and ‘last but not least’ collaboration with (potential) clients. You go faster on your own, you go further together!

In-Cab Scanning Solutions for Transportation & Logistics

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MDC Business Potential and Use Case Examples

Mobile Document Capture (MDC) helps organisations save costs, speeds up business processes and attain higher customer satisfaction in a range of industries:

Transport Companies
• Field Sales, Agents and Travelling Representatives
• Insurance – Agents & Claims Adjustors
• Field Technicians, Service Engineers
• Audit Consultancies

To receive more information about different industires download the free Whitepaper “Mobile Document Capture: Gaining a Competitive Edge”

About Spigraph Network

Spigraph Network is the leading provider of intelligent scanning, capture and document process solutions in EMEA.

Our robust portfolio includes document scanners from the world’s leading manufacturers, best-of-breed capture software and comprehensive services to automate document-driven business processes. www.spigraph.com

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